Smart street lighting control

Complete smart street lighting control solution for smart cities. Simple to control and monitor all luminaires in one place on a map, decrease maintenance costs and increase savings.


Street lighting control system

Multifunctional and unique cloud-based smart street lighting control system with central management system (CMS) software. It is a perfect solution to manage large-scale outdoor lighting networks in order to control and monitor street lighting infrastructure while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. Street Lighting CMS is just the first step of more sophisticated Smart City platform development process.


Citintelly CMS is designed to support TALQ protocol specification, which ensures interoperability between Central Management Systems (CMS) and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLN) from different vendors. The purpose of using TALQ specification in creation of CitIntelly CMS is to ensure the ability to control different Outdoor Lighting Networks from different vendors thus cities will be free to choose various TALQ compatible OLN automation suppliers while using CitIntelly CMS.


Luminaire Controller

Citintelly smart street lighting Luminaire Controller is a wireless mesh-networking device that uses 868 MHz for communication with street lighting Segment Controller and other luminaire controllers.
It is delivered in various configurations to meet the needs of your application. LEARN MORE

Lighting fixtures are controlled over DALI or 1-10V interface. In case of DALI, detailed monitoring of LED driver is also possible. Luminaire controller feeds data to Segment Controller about the current status of LED lamp and executes commands to perform various energy profiles. LEARN MORE


Segment controller

CCitintelly smart street lighting control system Segment Controller has 2-way communication with cloud-based Central Management System (CMS). Communication is possible via GSM or Ethernet. Further, it transmits tasks to Luminaire Controllers via radio frequency communication. It can send commands to a large number of Luminaire Controllers installed in great distances. LEARN MORE


How does it works

Citintelly clients are using user-friendly CMS interface via web-browser to monitor / control / analyze / configure outdoor lighting networks.
Segment controller stores all required configuration about energy-profiles / scenes / groups / lamps and can operate without internet and CMS.
Luminaire controllers are configured to organize mesh-type network with self-healing features. Segment controller can reach farthest luminaire controller over big distances due to multi-hoping protocol.