Our mission and beliefs:

At Citintelly, our mission is to contribute to the creation of self-sustainable and smart cities. We fulfil this mission by offering best-in-class intelligent lighting solutions that allow cutting down the energy and maintenance costs and creating a comfortable and safe environment for citizens. We strive to achieve the lighting experience that goes beyond lighting. That includes different sensor data collection and intelligent management which leads to the good of cities and citizens. Everything we do is about data-driven smart decisions.


Who we are:

Citintelly is a global industry innovator in street lighting control solutions. Our team consists of highly competent street lighting industry experts and researchers with doctoral degrees in the field of electro-technology, electricity, electronics and IT industry. The Citintelly team members are regular guests at smart city conferences, seminars and have won industry awards from “Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. Citintelly has developed a multifunctional and unique cloud-based Street Lighting Central Management System (CMS). The Lighting CMS is just the first step towards developing a much more advanced multifunctional smart city platform. Focused on quality, reliability, and innovation, Citintelly offers a complete solution package of controls and sensors, enabling luminaire manufacturers, utilities, and municipalities to make better use of resources, save operating costs and protect the environment by managing energy better

We see street lights as one of the most valuable public assets that have a powerful role to play in making cities energy-efficient, resilient and future-ready.

Our products create an independent open network that allows integrating a multitude of third-party applications and constitutes a reliable, future-proof base for a Smart City.

Citintelly helps cities and infrastructure operators capitalize on the Internet of Things, avoid provider lock-in, and make the best use of what smart lighting can offer.

Citintelly helps cities and infrastructure operators capitalise on the Internet of Things, avoid provider lock-in, and make the best use of what smart lighting can offer.