Intelligent street lighting products

Intelligent street lighting products:

Intelligent street lighting products from Citintelly for Smart City lighting and other sensor-based solutions.

Street lighting control system benefits 1 - Citintelly

Remote Control
Real-time monitoring and notifications, remote control.

Street lighting control system benefits 2 - Citintelly

Smart Savings
Save up to 90% on electricity bills and maintenance costs.

Street lighting control system benefits 3 - Citintelly

Peace of Mind
Fix the problems before anyone notices there was one

Lighting Management Software

 It is a perfect solution to manage large-scale outdoor lighting networks in order to control and monitor street lighting infrastructure while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

Citintelly smart street lighting Segment Controller implements gateway function between Luminaire Controllers and Central Management Software (CMS).

Street Light Segment Controller
Street Light Luminaire Controller

Citintelly smart street lighting Luminaire Controller is an easily installable wireless device which is carrying out the remote management and monitoring of a luminary in street lighting fixtures.

An intelligent motion sensor street lighting control system that automatically activates when a car or pedestrian is noticed in the area.

Street Light Motion Sensor
Street light surge protector

Investing a small amount in protection can extend luminaire lifetime, improve public services and greatly reduce overall operating and infrastructure costs.