Motion sensor street lighting

Motion sensor streel lighting control system

Motion sensor street lighting control system with radar type sensor

An intelligent motion sensor street lighting control system that automatically activates when a car or pedestrian is noticed in the area. If there is no activity in the area, the light is automatically adjusted to an optimized minimum light level. Expansion of functionality options using the multifunction radar technology.


1. Significant energy savings – light is provided only where and when it is needed
2. Even longer lifetime of LED lights
3. Less light pollution and darker sky

Motion sensor street lighting control system savings
Motion sensor street lighting control system savings

What it does

1. Detects motion, speed, and direction of object
2. Forwards information to next luminators with command to turn on (dim up) light
3. Additional functionality like counting vehicles and pedestrians

Motion sensor street lighting control system illustration

Unique solution

The motion sensor is installed in the lighting source and there is no need to drill holes on the pole for attachment (as a result of a loss of the stake and guarantee compliance with standard).

Convenient fitting connector – Initially the option of installing luminaires with a Zhaga connector and mounting the sensor later.

Motion sensor street lighting zhaga connector

Technical parameters

Tracked data

Movement, direction, distance, speed, presence

Operating temperature

–40 °C … +60°C

Capture distance

Up to 40m

Operating angle

43˚ horizontally and 116˚ vertically

Protection level



Zhaga Book 18

Dimming configurations

Speed, distance, direction, delay


Autonomous, regardless of the external internet network

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