Street light luminaire controller

Street Lighting Luminaire Controller

Citintelly smart street lighting Luminaire Controller is an easily installable wireless device which is carrying out the remote management and monitoring of a luminary in street lighting fixtures. It creates a smart, energy-efficient and safe environment, and serves as a perfect platform for connecting various Smart City sensors, applications, and devices.

Remotely programmable lighting energy profile schedules provide the users with reduction of energy consumption by up to 90% in a safe and comfortable manner.

Citintelly street light controller


Street lighting control system benefits 1 - Citintelly

Up to 90% Energy savings: each luminaire’s remote control and dimming.

Street lighting control system benefits 2 - Citintelly

Up to 50% Maintenance cost Reduction: Real-time and more precise data

Street lighting control system benefits 3 - Citintelly

More safety: Get a quick notification regarding specific lamp if broken.

What does street light luminaire controller do:

1. Provides 2-way communication for street lights driver and Segment Controller
2. Controls and monitors street light power and dimming level
3. Provides energy measurements and delivers data to CMS

What doe street light luminaire controller do

Street lighting luminaire controller features

Embedded and external options

Embedded: Doesn’t affect the lamp design, embedded capabilities right from the lamp manufacturer.

NEMA socket: Plug-and-play upgrade for lamps with compatible 7-pin NEMA socket (ANSI C136.41).

ZHAGA socket: Plug-and-play upgrade for lamps with compatible 4-pin Zhaga Book 18 socket.

Street lighting luminaire controller communication range

Long range wireless communication

Mesh-network technology with RF 868MHz and antenna provides communication for up to 250m.

Electrical parameters measurement

Wide range of electrical parameters monitoring: U, I, f, cosF, P, Q, S).

Street lighting luminaire controller electrical measurements
Street lighting segment controller astronomical calendar

Adaptive lighting

Add adaptive lighting capabilities based on external sensors. Multifunctional communication options from up to 2 different sensors.

Software update Over-The-Air

Removing the need for cables, computers or third-party programs, FOTA updates devices to fix bugs or add features to the device.

Street lighting luminaire controller FOTA
Decorative LED outdoor lights luminaire controller 600x

2 relay outputs

The Citintelly Luminaire Controller has 2 relay outputs so you can control decorative lighting separately.

Even more flexibility

It communicates with street light segment controller using PLC (Power Line Communication) or RF (Radio frequency) data transmission technologies. Citintelly street lighting Luminaire Controller is using advanced mesh-network technology with self-healing feature for even more reliability.

Street lighting luminaire controller mesh network technology

Technical parameters

Power supply

AC 50-60 Hz

Supply voltage

220-240 V ( Vmin 170 V; Vmax 265 V )

Operating temperature

–40 °C … +75°C

Relay output

2pcs (optional), 1 kVA (NO or NC) each relay output

Type of load

LED luminaire, LED/HID luminaire ballast, decorative lighting, incandescent bulb

Electrical meter

Yes, optional (U, I, f, cosF, P, Q , S)

RF network connection

868MHz, IEEE 802.15.4 standard

Transceiver Class

2 (non-licensed b and with external antenna socket)


LxWxH: 105x50x40 mm


60 g

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