Street lighting segment controller

Street Lighting Segment Controller


Citintelly smart street lighting Segment Controller implements gateway function between Citintelly Luminaire Controllers and Citintelly Central Management Software (CMS). The Citintelly Segment Controller communicate with CMS over wired Ethernet connection or GPRS/3G/4G GSM mobile operator network. It stores the configurations of the energy profiles and event reporting profiles ensuring stable operation in any circumstances.

Street lighting segment controller Citintelly


Street lighting control system benefits 1 - Citintelly

Remote control
Real-time monitoring and notifications, remote control.

Street lighting control system benefits 2 - Citintelly

All configurations are stored locally without need of internet

Street lighting control system benefits 3 - Citintelly

Lower costs
Control up to 200 street lights. Fewer data transferred.

What does street light segment controller do:

1. Provides 2-way communication for street lights and Central Management System
2. Controls and monitors street lights and cabinet
3. Stores configurations for stand-alone operating

Segment conrtoller - what is does

Street lighting segment controller features

Street lighting segment controller commmunication types

GPRS/3G/4G GSM and Ethernet

3G/4G GSM and/or Ethernet can be used for communication with the central server. Both available as options to optimise your costs.

Energy profiles

 Flexible energy profiles based on astronomical/photocell/sensor data. Up to 10 calendars and 30 different profiles.

Street lighting control system smart smoothened LED dimming - Citintelly
Street lighting segment controller astronomical calendar


Built-in astronomical calendar + locally stored configurations allow operating in stand-alone mode (without need of internet)

Firmware upgrade Over-The-Air

Removing the need for cables, computers or third-party programs, FOTA updates devices to fix bugs or add features to the device.

Street lighting segment controller FOTA

Even more flexibility

It communicates with luminaires using RF (Radio frequency) data transmission technologies. Citintelly street lighting Segment Controller can set dimming profiles and receive energy measurements from up to 200 individual luminaires.

Street lighting segment controller communication

Integrate with 3rd party systems

Citintelly segment controller is designed to support TALQ protocol specification. The purpose of using TALQ specification in the creation of Citintelly segment controller’s communication is to ensure the ability to control different Outdoor Luminaire Controllers from different vendors AND cities will be free to choose various TALQ compatible CMS (Central Management System) suppliers while using Citintelly street light segment controller.

Technical parameters

Supply voltage

AC 85-265 V / DC 19-72 V / PoE 18-48 V

Temperature range

–40 °C … +75°C

Ethernet port

RJ45 connector with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

GSM connection


DALI communication

DALI master (10 mA supply current @ 12V)

RF network connection

868MHz, IEEE 802.15.4 standard


WxHxD : 82x90x23 mm (82x90x46 mm for 230v)


150 g (250 g for (230v) SC2MAxx…)


Anti-vandal antena
Resistant to vandalisms

External antena
Provides even better communication between devices

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