Surge protector for street lighting

Surge protector for street lighting


Public lighting installations are exposed to the environment. Located where continuity of service is essential, it is crucial that these installations are protected against lightning and overvoltages and that can be achieved using a surge protector for street lighting.

1. 5 billion lightning strikes worldwide every year. 31% of electrical damage is caused directly or indirectly by the effect of lightning.

Surge protector for street lighting

Investing a small amount in protection can extend luminaire lifetime, improve public services and greatly reduce overall operating and infrastructure costs.


Surge protector for light lifetime

Longer lifetime
Maximize the lifetime value of outdoor lighting applications

Surge protector for less downtime

No down-time
No down-time due to calamities (storms, lightning strikes, etc.)

Surge protector for lower maintenance costs

Lower costs
Avoid unnecessary maintenance costs

Surge protector for performance

Peace of mind
Peace of mind on product performance

What does surge protector for street lights do:

The consequences of lightning damage become evident in partial or complete failure of the LED modules, destruction of the LED drivers, reduced brightness or failure of electronic control systems. Even if the LED light is still operational, surges normally negatively affect its lifetime. Avoid it using Citintelly Surge Protector!

What does Surge Protector do

Technical parameters

Voltage Protection level up (L-N)

≤ 1,5 kV

Voltage Protection level up (L/N-PE)

≤ 1,8 kV


10 kV

I max

10 kA

I nom

5 kA

Art. No.


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